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Bits & Pieces

30th June 2010

Bits & Pieces

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It’s hump day, and what’s better than some bits and pieces?

You know. A little from here. A little from there. Bam, you’ve got a post.

Matisyahu – “One Day

Orthodox Jewish Reggae artist Matisyahu’s meteroric (?) rise to stardom has been nothing short of extraordinary. And in anticipation of Matisyahu’s upcoming album comes the release of the single “One Day”. If I’m a record executive and I’m listening to this song, there’s no friggin’ way I’m passing on this. This has all the elements of a top 40 hit: peaceful message, singable lyrics, and sick grooves.

Jason Collett – “Reunion (Stars Cover)

You are well aware of my obsession with Jason Collett. This is simply a continuation of that obsession. Enjoy it!

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