How many words can you type in a minute? If your average typing speed comes around 20 words then you probably just learned to get used to the QWERTY style keyboard. Or perhaps you just do not want to bother to be a fast-typer at all. But what if you can be a different kind of fast without breaking a sweat? What if you could be a keyboard ninja?

What is a keyboard ninja?

A keyboard ninja is some who knows all the shortcuts and key combination of the keyboard. It helps to access almost all the features from obvious to hidden features of Windows operating system. A simple CTRL + C means you can copy the highlighted file or words. Then use CTRL + V to paste them anywhere you want to. But that is just a tip of the iceberg.

In this infographics, you will learn a ton more. And probably somewhere along the line, you will be surprised to learn some couple of shortcuts that you did not know exist.

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Keyboard Ninja

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