Normally, all Ubee routers have the same default username and password to log in. So you will not have a hard time to figure out your Ubee router login details. That is unless if the internet service provider has something to do with it. Sometimes they modify or custom it in line with their services. But other than that, it should be just as simple as this step-by-step guide.

Ubee Modem Router Login

  1. On your web browser, just open a new tab. It could be any web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.
  2. Type on the address bar or and then press Enter. (If it does not work then try with https://192.168.l.l)
  3. A web user interface will show and you should click the Login on the left side of the page.
  4. It will require you to enter the username and password.
  5. If you do not yet know what are the username and the password, it is both user for username and user for the password. It’s simple, right?Ubee Router Login
  6. Once you are logged in, you can now see the entire menu.


You should not change anything in the settings of your router especially when there is nothing to fix about. And if by chance that you really need to meddle with the settings, make sure that you know what you are doing. Or you can call your internet service provider (ISP) hotline and have them assist you while you are on the phone. Better yet, request one of their technicians to come and fix whatever is wrong with your router or internet connection.

If you have other concerns, feel free to leave your comment down below and we will try to respond as much as we can. You can also leave some suggestions if you have any ideas you’d like to share with us.